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An Assassin in Utopia is a great read for book clubs, and I'd be happy to connect with your book club virtually or on social media! 

Below is a Discussion Guide to help get your conversation started:

Discussion Guide

General Questions

1. Did the title and cover pique your interest in the book?

2. Did you find any parts of this story surprising?

3. What did you take away from the book when you finished?

4. How did this book make you feel about reading history?

About the Characters

5. What historical characters in this book stand out for you?

6. Are there any characters you would like to know more about?

7. Did you see any similarities among the characters?

8. What connections did you see between the characters?

9. What were your feelings about John Humphrey Noyes?

10. What were your feelings about Horace Greeley?

11. What were your feelings about P.T. Barnum?

12. What were your feelings about James Garfield?

13. What were your feelings about Guiteau?

About the Themes

14. What role did Oneida County play in the story?

15. What role did Niagara Falls play in the book?

16 Did this book alter your ideas about American politics?

17. What role did newspapers play in the book?

18. What were your feelings about the spiritualism craze during this era?

19. What were your feelings about the Oneida Community?

20. What did you think about all the utopian societies that emerged during this time?

21. How do you feel about the way the author wove these stories, characters, and themes together?

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